Scientific Report on Talking Rhesus Monkeys Sis-Broad and Bro-Man at the Talking Monkey Institute


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Talking Rhesus Monkey Siblings Bro-Man and Sis-Broad are seen here participating in the "sizzling floor" ritual.

Bro-Man and Sis-Broad lived together at the Institute for Talking Monkey Study for many years.

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Sis-Broad became a mathematician at a young age.

Meanwhile, Bro-Man began to work on Internet Web-Design.

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While Sis-Broad was proving a theorem one day,

a series of strange experiements were performed on Bro-Man

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After which he was taken away to a distant country for further tests.

Sis-Broad was very lonely without Bro-Man.

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She is saving her twigs, though.

So maybe she can buy a plane ticket some day.

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Happy Birthday Big Bro-Man,

from Little Sis-Broad